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CHAMPIONGROUP OÜ team has been specializing in the hangar door business over 10 years

CHAMPIONGROUP LTD is based in Estonia contract manufacturer and distributor of Finnish Champion Door Oy products in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Factory specialized in manufacturing fabric fold-up and other type of doors for aircraft hangars, shipyards and large size industrial doors. CHAMPIONGROUP LTD manufactures doors in compliance with European standard EN. 13241-1 and comply with CE standards. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved. Company designs conform to the market highest standards, we provide the most economical and reliable solution, while maintaining simple operation and almost maintenance free doors.

CHAMPIONGROUP LTD is an industrial door manufacturer with a solid experience in international projects. The company’s main products include large vertical lifting fabric fold-up doors for industrial use, multi-part fold-up doors for aircraft hangars, doors for crane opening, harbour and shipyard doors, and fire roller doors. All doors are designed and manufactured individually to meet client needs.

Extremely high quality is a main aspect in vertical lifting fabric fold-up doors. The unique structure of the doors involves a number of benefits in comparison with traditional door solutions. The lightweight doors do not require overdimensioned frame structures or large constructions to enable them to open. All door products are thoroughly tested and require minimum maintenance. Our industrial doors are ideal for harsh conditions with top of the market thermal insulation. CHAMPIONGROUP LTD, the specialist in challenging fabric fold-up door solutions, provides leading-edge quality with flexible, comprehensive customer service.


CHAMPIONGROUP combines top technology and craftsmanship to create a functioning whole.


Hangar doors are used no less effectively in the industrial indicators of the region. Wherever good sound and heat insulation, protection from moisture and dust is required, as well as in glasses with high wind loads, the CHAMPIONGROUP hangar door is the best solution.

CHAMPIONGROUP LTD has been specializing in the production of lifting hangar doors for over 10 years, and during this time the world’s largest companies in the field of air and sea transportation have become our clients. Our hangar doors are equally successfully used in industrial areas, agricultural areas and in sports facilities. Wherever good sound and heat insulation is required, protection from moisture and dust, as well as in areas with high wind loads, Champion Door hangar doors are the best solution.

Main advantages

Scope of the guarantee. The warranty is issued for all manufactured factory products, as well as for high-quality work on the installation of the Goods, if they were carried out by the “CHAMPIONGROUP LTD” installation team.

Several installation options. Fabric lifting doors and partitions produced by CHAMPIONGROUP can be installed in several ways: directly in the opening, overlay on the opening from the inside or outside of the building.

The duration of the warranty. The warranty is provided for 2 (two) years, starting from the date of installation of the Goods (the date of signing the acceptance certificate) at the facility. Upon signing a separate maintenance contract, the warranty is valid for 3 (three) years from the date of installation of the Product, i.e. extended for 1 (one) year. In this case, the first annual service is performed at the end of the third year of the warranty, and then, for example, every six months.

Fast installation. Fabric lifting gates and partitions are supplied semi-ready for installation. Depending on the installation option and the size of the opening, installation can take from 1 to 10 working days. For each type of product, we attach a special folder with documents.

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