The “CHAMPIONGROUP OÜ” company designing, manufacturing and assembling hangar doors of various sizes, types and configurations.


The company “CHAMPIONGROUP OÜ” specializes in the production of curtain and other hangar doors for industrial facilities in aviation and shipbuilding.


The “CHAMPIONGROUP OÜ” factory capacities allowing to complete the largest projects in a short period of time

Door design

The company has been designing, manufacturing and assembling hangar doors of various sizes and configurations for almost three decades.

Door installation

Lifting gates and partitions manufactured CHAMPIONGROUP OÜ can be installed in several ways: directly in the opening, overlay on the opening from the inside or outside of the building.

Warranty service and
technical support

There are no in the door structure! rubbing consumables (springs, rollers, latches, counterweights, etc.), so the costs of their maintenance are reduced almost to zero.

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