Two 15m wide Insulated Helicopter Hangar Doors

15500x6800mm – 2 pcs
Oulu Airport, Finland

Two 40m wide 3-leaf Aircraft Hangar Doors

40000×15000/9800mm – 2 pcs
Kaunas International Airport, Lithuania

Small fold-up fabric Industrial Door

Kuopio, Finland

3-leaf Hangar Door with Big Logo

Tallin Airport, Estonia

New Aircraft Hangar Door

Pärnu Airport, Estonia

Big fabric fold-up door for MRO hangar

80 x 24.5 m
Šiauliai, Lithuania

Small Industrial Doors

7000 x 7000 mm
Hanhikivi peninsula, Pyhäjoki, Finland

Big Industrial Doors (ATEX)

14000 x 8500
Hanhikivi peninsula, Pyhäjoki, Finland

Special design hydraulic door for helicopter hangar in Suurupi, Estonia

14000 x 5200 mm
Suurupi, Estonia

Big Shipyard Door

21 x 18 m

Arctic Industrial Door

15 x 15 m

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