Door design

Lifting gates and partitions Champion Door can be installed in several ways: directly in the opening, overlay on the opening from the inside or outside of the building.

Basic characteristics of the "Champion Door":

Aviation gates “Champion Door” are resistant to strong wind loads and temperature extremes, according to the current standards, they are equipped with protection against dust and moisture penetration into the aircraft hangar. When designing, options are available:

Hangar doors can be either single-section (if the opening is for a small aircraft), or consist of several sections with lifting support legs. Multi-section doors are practically unlimited in size, stand-alone modules can be opened both at once as a whole or separately.

The operator on his own will be able to inspect the gate approximately once every 4 months, but, at the request of the customer, within the framework of a separate contract, our specialists can perform annual maintenance and safety checks of the delivered Goods.


There are no Champion Door in the gate design! rubbing consumables (springs, rollers, latches, counterweights, etc.), so the costs of their maintenance are reduced to zero.

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Door design

The "Champion Door" company has been designing, manufacturing and assembling hangar doors of various sizes and configurations for almost three decades.

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