Doors for bridge cranes

Fabric doors for openings with an bridge crane are an ideal solution that has no analogues in the world.

Fabric doors made by material on a rigid aluminum frame. T-shaped door covers the entire wall opening in a regular manner and automatically lifts up, freeing it for the passage of an overhead crane. Such fabric doors for a workshop or an industrial hangar can be used as an entrance door or as a lifting partition to divide the premises into separate zones. Insulated r doors keep the positive temperature inside the heated insulated hangars very well, even at very low temperatures in winter. Fabric doors made of PVC will relieve industrial hangars of enterprises from dust, dirt and drafts, and the special PVC material used is not afraid of abrasive and aggressive environments.


Door does not have a guide rail in the sill, therefore, if necessary, the floor covering can be easily replaced.
For vehicle passage, you can only slightly raise the door leaf in one of the sections.
The efficiency of door is due to the absence of rubbing and small consumable components.
The undoubted advantage of door with insulation is its lower thermal conductivity, ensuring minimal heat loss.
Door opening/closing speed is only 0.2 m/s.
Tightness. Precipitation will not penetrate into the building.
You can order T-door model door for openings with bridge crane by phone: +37258084218. We will select the best option for you.

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