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One of the main role of the CHAMPIONGROUP LTD company is the production of doors that are installed in aircraft hangars. The latest generation, equipped with all kinds of security systems, perfectly protect the premises from heat loss, withstand extreme wind loads and provide sound insulation. The door automatically open in small bundle in the up of the opening. Aviation values ​​are usually large enough, but for us this does not matter, because our doors has no limits thanks to the system of dividing lifting mullions. When using them, large doors turn out to be, as it were, divided into separate sections and you can connect any number of such sections.

Door structure is two layers of PVC fabrics, and special insulated model has two additional thermal insulation layers. These models are specially designed for aviation use. Such effective and economical solutions with a number of competitive advantages over other types of doors.


Door does not have a guide rail in the sill, therefore, if necessary, the floor covering can be easily replaced.
Aviation premises with lifting doors are easy to operate and do not require large expenditures for their maintenance.
For vehicle passage, you can only slightly raise the door leaf in one of the sections.
The efficiency of door is due to the absence of rubbing and small consumable components.
The undoubted advantage of door with insulation is its lower thermal conductivity, ensuring minimal heat loss.
Door opening/closing speed is only 0.2 m/s.
Tightness. Precipitation will not penetrate into the building.
As a rule, CHAMPIONGROUP LTD hangar doors are configured along the contour of the aircraft, which allows the customer not to overpay for extra square meters. This distinguishes our aviation doors from rectangular models. You can order airplane doors by phone: +37254502542. We will find the best option for you.

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