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WARMEKS OÜ provides durable  fabric military buildings to support defense requirements in difficult environmental conditions, the most challenging climates and demanding terrain. Military aircraft hangars, rapid deployment military shelters, military warehouses, aviation sunshades, UAV shelters and defense workshops


WARMEKS OÜ [private limited company]

Registry code: 16446778

VAT code: EE102469206

Legal address: Väike-Sõjamäe 5, 11415 Tallinn

E-mail address: info@warmeks.ee

Tel: +37258084218

Website: www.warmeks.ee

Bank details:
IBAN: EE724204278622688609
Coop Pank AS
Maakri 30, 15014 Tallinn


Low maintenance and costs
Efficient use of space
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Multiple PVC hangar doors
Integrated bridge crane tracks
Service support
Insulated Fabric Buildings Insulated fabric solution can be used to clad many structure types, from small standard shelters up to large scale, multi-span aircraft hangars. The fabric provides many benefits to help promote energy efficiency. This fabric has been used across a wide variety of sectors and applications, including MRO aircraft hangars, multi sport indoor playing facilities and standard storage warehouses to create climate controlled environments.

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